Updates: Water Cisterns Project for Ta Xigu Village in Yunnan, China

After delays due to rain in summer, we are finally near completion of the water cisterns project at Ta Xigu Village in Wenshan State, Yunnan, China. The project is a community development project focused on delivering and sustaining accessible water supply for the village and families that are living with barely enough day-to-day clean water.


Clean, accessible water for all is an essential part of the world we want to live in.

United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals – Goal 6


Villagers have to carry water back home by labors or horses from the water pond at the foot of the mountain or nearby towns.

Ta Xigu Village is located 35 kilometers away from Ashe Township, Yanshan County, Wenshan State in Yunnan, China, with a population of approximately 284 of 71 households. Yi Minority peole, Miao Minority and Han people live together in the village. The villagers live on planting maize, hot pepper and beans. Most of the villagers have no tap water and not enough water storage, especially in non-rainy season from December to next April. Villagers have to carry water back home by labors or horses form the water pong at the foot of the mountain or nearby towns. It normally takes half a day to carry back one big buck of water (25 kg). There is a pressing need to construct cisterns to store the rainwater, so as to obtain a sufficient amount of drinking water for the villagers and livestock, as well as to prepare for the drought.


Villagers working together with our SPO partner to construct a cistern for one of the households.

The project is to solve the problem of insufficient drinking water in the region through constructing cisterns to collect and store rainwater. Upon completion of the project, 160 villagers from 40 local families will have access to drinking water. Not only will villagers’ water needs in daily life be met, in the long run, the living condition and socio-economic development of the community as a whole also be improved. Villagers can save their money, time and efforts that are previously spent on catching and buying water. Instead, more resources can be put on food, education and other aspects that improve their living standard and add values to the community.

The villagers are also involved in the building and maintenance process, so as to ensure that the project is a long-term sustainable solution. In partnership with our Social Purpose Organization (SPO), we engage with the villagers to help each other to build the cistern for each household and to provide knowledge on sanitation of drinking water.

Each cistern is being constructed based on the geological environment of the houses – no slippery, no loose soil and no hilly.

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