Services for


Social Purpose Organizations (SPOs)

To avoid potential conflicts of interest, Sowers Exchange (SX) provide these services to Social Purpose Organizations, primarily Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Social Enterprise and Non-profits on a pro-bono, no fee basis.

Before establishing a partnership and during the partnership with the SPO, SX uses a guideline to examine and evaluate a number of key areas. SX will conduct on-site due diligence, either at the inception of the engagement or through the course of the partnership. While the intent is to assure our donor/funders that our SPO partners are using “best practice” standards, this process is also valuable to make your SPO better!

The tool Sowers Exchange currently uses to evaluate SPOs for our donor/funders is named “SPO Accountability Standards”, it is the basis to make your SPO better!

Development of Project: SX will assist the SPO in presenting their projects to the donor community. Items normally requested include:

  • Detailed description of the project including purpose, beneficiaries, duration of benefit
  • Detailed quantification of resources both financial and human necessary to satisfactorily complete the project
  • Best estimates of the time necessary to complete the project including any known potential delays
  • Photographs that support the project
  • If an on-going project, reports of outcomes or impact of previous projects

Solicitation of Resources: Using the Project Description, SX will make presentations to appropriate potential donors of both financial and human resources

Support During Project: As required (particularly for projects that utilize volunteers) on-site facilitation will be provided

Support After Project: Assistance in reporting activity, outcomes and impact