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Build A Bridge Project for Bei Sang E VillageChina, Shanxi Province

Fig. 1.1 – The village (right) and the farming land (left) are separated by the river
Fig. 1.2 – river in winter

Project Nature

Bei Sang E village is located in Daning County, under the administration of Linfen City in Southwest of Shanxi Province and it is located 35 km away from the City. The village has a population of over 400 villagers in 145 household. Daning County is marked as one of the national – level of impoverished counties where most of the residents live a hard and impoverished life. The average income of the residents in the county is lower than that of in the country (The standard of the China mainland is about 2000RMB per person annually) and spend their lives striving to meet their daily needs.

In the village, a river separates the villagers’ houses and their farmlands. In raining season, the width of river reaches 30 meters and the depth of water is about 6 meters.   The present bridge is on one side of the village. Each day, villagers have to make a U turn from their houses to the farmland, which is about two kilometers one way.  The old bridge is constructed with cement boards many years ago and the loading capacity is limited.   As the local geographical feature is mountainous and villagers outdoor activities normally are done on foot.  The traffic condition is very inconvenient for their daily living and laboring. The villagers told that four people had even lost their lives during the traffic when they crossed the river on a villager built simple bridge. They fell to the river and died. Many villagers say this is a danger and parents worry about their children, too.  A safe and solid bridge linking the village and farmland directly is the most convenient and effective way for the villagers to farm and decrease this danger.  The whole village has been expecting the bridge for years.

During the past years, the committee of Bei Sang E village has submitted applications to the higher-level government several times, but the problem has not been solved and the plan has been postponed.

The proposed bridge will benefit over 200 villagers in approximately 70 households and the danger will be decreased accordingly.  

Key Project Highlights:

  • Providing a solution to the convenient traffic for local villagers and decreased the hidden danger through building the bridge.
  • Involving the local community members in the building so as to ensure that the project is a long-term sustainable solution.
  • Engaging the local community in a lasting corporate social responsibility legacy in the area of Bei Sang E village. .
  • The total financial investment for this bridge project is RMB 377,353  This will contribute to an investment in, and give access to a better livelihood for over 200 villagers in approximately 70 families.

Project Goal

The goal of this project is to solve the problem of inconvenient traffic in the region through constructing a bridge in Bei Sang E Village. Upon completion of the project, more than 200 villagers from approximately 70 local families will get convenience on their farming and transportation. Not only will villagers’ time on the farming be saved, but also the danger decreased. In the long run, their living condition and socio-economic development of the community as a whole would also be improved. Villagers can save their time and efforts that are previously spent on road.  Instead, more resources can be put on food, education and other aspect that improve their living standard and add values to the community.

Community Investment Initiatives

1. Social Investment

  • Donors, their family and employees can visit local families and learn about the situation of the village and see the bridge being built or completed.
  • Donors may name the bridge.
  • Local community will get involved in construction and maintenance process as a whole.
  • The bridge benefits the villagers by saving the time on travel thereby improving their living condition and providing the basic condition for economic development.

2. Professional

  • Professional knowledge and scientific skills will be adopted to detect the altitude and geographic orientation, and to design the bridge network layout in a reasonable and optimized way.

3. Materials Donation

  • The donor may provide needed cement, mechanical devices, etc. instead of the cash contribution.

4. Community Involvement

  • About 15 local villagers of the community get involved as manpower in building to finish the construction of bridge each day with the total worth of RMB98,600. The remaining costs will be sponsored by the donor.

Our Partner

Our social purpose organization (SPO) partner is a non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to alleviate suffering and restore human dignity in underprivileged parts of China. The organization put a special emphasis on not only providing physical relief to those in immediate need, but also equipping them with new knowledge to create sustainable solutions to combat poverty. The ultimate goal of our partner is to address the core issues behind poverty, rather than only treating the symptoms

Project Details

LocationBei Sang E Village, Daning County, Shanxi Province
ImplementationThe villagers in the village will join the bridge construction work. The bridge links the county road (nearest location to the village) to the farmland. About 15 man hours are used each day for the trip.
Choosing the location: Professionals and the village community choose the location together. It is will be located in the nearest place to the village and done in the most economic way.
Design the bridge layout: The bridge will have the length of 70 meters, width of 3 meters and height of 2.5 meters above the surface of river .
Estimated TimelineThe bridge construction kicks off once the funding is received. In 3 – 4 months, the bridge will be accomplished and benefit more than 200 villagers. (The construction period might be affected and postponed in rain season. ) .


The total approximate cost of building the bridge is RMB 571,153/HKD 669,751. RMB 98,600/HKD 115,621 for construction manpower will be self-raised and borne by the villagers, leaving a remaining investment of RMB 472,553/HKD 554,130.

MaterialsTotal RMB/HKD
ItemNameQtyUnit Price(RMB)
MaterialsSquare stone200m150/m30,000/35,179
Rubble stone850m45/m38,250/44,853
Transportation for stones1050m50/m52,500/61,563
Middle-sized sand450m120/m54,000/63,322
Transportation for sand450m80/m36,000/42,214
Transportation for cement110m60/m6,600/7,740
Mechanical devices10 days2000/m20,000/23,452
Stone tablet16565/76
OperationsProject Operation and on-site supervision4 times1500/time (Survey / construction kicks-off / middle period supervision / inspection)6,000/7,036
ManpowerConstruction manpower fee420 (working manpower times)170/manpower time71,400/83,726
ManpowerSelf-raised by villagers580 (working manpower times)170/manpower time
On-site Supervision39,379/46,177
Sowers Exchange project management and reporting78,759/92,355
Total budget required:472,553/554,130

Feedback Report

A written report will be provided once the project is accomplished including the following information.

  • E-Photo of the bridge
    • E-Photo of plaque with donor’s name
    • E-Photo of village and the introduction
    • Complete project report
    • Financial status
    • Thank-You letter from village committee

Getting Involved

If you are interested in partnering with Sowers Exchange on this project or others like it, please contact us.

                                    Thank you for your consideration.