Our Offering


Service for Philanthropic Individuals, Families and Organizations:

Philanthropic Consulting:

Facilitating the determination or refinement of their charitable orientation/donative intent; determine level of participation/involvement desired; manage family legacy meetings Reviewing relevant social sectors; geographic and other factors Designing a philanthropic plan or Corporate Social Responsibility plan for you and/or your entity. Performing “Due Diligence” investigations on Social Purpose Organizations (SPOs) Designing and implementing impact measurement systems including Social Return on Investment (SROI)

Project Presentation and Monitoring:

Presenting of vetted projects that meet the funding philanthropists’ objectives Maintaining communications with SPO staff and if included on the project, volunteer participants during the activity- The range of oversight will be from daily on-site to periodic e-mail Reporting status of the project consistent with its duration and size. A final report including performance measures will always be presented, however interim reports may be summarized Aggregating feedback particularly from beneficiaries, SPO staff, volunteers and funders to improve the future project

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Community Engagement Community Investment Experiential Service

Our clients use community service to support their vision and values by making their staff aware of the social and environmental issues where they live and work and inspiring their staff to make a difference in their communities.

Together with selected SPOs, Sowers Exchange has developed a series of employee engagement initiatives that take place within the context of community service.

Depending on our client’s needs, we help to:

  • Build relationships amongst team members,
  • Develop leaders,
  • Improve communications,
  • Encourage critical thinking and
  • Involve our client’s vendors and customers.

For SPOs, employee engagement initiatives can result in increased awareness of their challenges. We seek to raise staff’s level of understanding of the SPO’s and the community’s needs and create champions for further engagement with SPO within our client’s organisation. We add value to SPOs by working closely with them to communicate more completely community needs, secure the necessary resources, manage the logistics, facilitate and report on outcomes of events.

Our employee engagement activities result in a win for the client and positive change for the community.

Social Purpose Organizations (SPOs) who collaborate with us seek resources to complete community service or capacity building projects. Key advantages of using Sowers Exchange as an intermediary is that we will liaise directly with the client, secure funding, complete outcomes reporting requirements and organize any employee engagement events to encourage more people to engage further with the SPO. This leaves community organisations with more time to focus on what they do best: making a positive difference to the community.

Our corporate clients are looking for custom made Corporate Community Investment (CCI) programs that support their business, meet identified community needs and make a measurable positive outcome on the community. We are able to design initiatives that will engage their staff and provide a solid story of community engagement for reporting.

As part of the CCI process, we help our clients to:

  • Craft or refine their CSR strategy,
  • Identify projects and partners that support that strategy,
  • Monitor the project’s progress,
  • Seed project monies when pre-agreed milestones are met,
  • Facilitate personal experiences of the project and
  • Report on outcomes, impact and calculate the Social Return on Investment.

If requested, we are also happy to explore how we can create additional employee engagement strategies to assist our clients to get their people involved in CCI initiatives.

Environment, Sustainability and Governance

Sowers Exchange’s own 3-stage due diligence process ensures that we identify reputable changemakers who are effectively achieving their stated community goals.

Our due diligence process helps clients to narrow down options for partnering with reputable, reliable and effective partners from the many NGOs operating in the Asia Pacific region.

We conduct desktop due diligence, onsite due diligence and peer review to assess SPOs’:

  • Public Benefit Goals
  • Experience and Capabilities
  • Governance and Accountability
  • Financial Reporting and Responsibility
  • Strategy and Future Plans, and most importantly,
  • Measure of Effectiveness in reaching their community goals.
  • Measurement & Reporting

Social Return on Investment

For our corporate clients, we also monitor the effects of our programs on participants through pre and post program surveys, so you can be sure that our programs have created the intended results.

If you would like to learn more about how we measure, please contact us.

For periods, of between 6 to 10 days, we organize learning adventures where participants have the chance to discover Asia’s social challenges for themselves and gain first hand experience of meaningful service work that meets an identified community need.

Depending on the location, our service work might include building and construction activities, caring for animals, engaging in conservation, teaching or supporting social enterprises. We are careful to ensure that each of our programs is sensitive to the effects that volunteer service work has on communities. We plan our trips so that they result in positive social outcomes. Participants, particularly students, have the opportunity to remain connected to the community and the issue when they return home from their trips.

Our destinations cover locations throughout the Asia pacific region (for further information, please see services for schools). All SPO service providers are thoroughly vetted and Sowers Exchange provides high-energy professional facilitation, risk assessment, clean accommodation, good quality food and safe work environments.

Everyone learns in different ways, so every trip includes elements of outdoor physical challenge and cultural activities, so particpants can gain a deeper understanding of the local environment, culture and themselves.

At the end of our trips, we hope that participants are exhausted, happy and inspired to make further contributions to the community.