Current Offerings

Hong Kong Children Education
Children Education
How to Swim
Creative Coding
China Medical Services
Water & Sanitation
Building & Infrastructure
Building & Infrastructure
Building & Infrastructure
Cleft Lip and Palate
Cistern Project for Xia Gould Village (Funded)
Miao Nationality Kindergarten
Bridge Project for Bei Sang E
Bridge Projects for Pianliang
CambodiaMedical Services
Anti-Human Trafficking
Spinal Surgery for the Disadvantaged Knee and Hip Rehabilitation
Vocational Training for Marginalized Girls in Phnom Penh
IndiaMedical Services
Building & Infrastructure
Water & Sanitation
Child Rescue & Rehabilitation
Rescue Vehicle, Women’s Shelter
Water, Sanitation and Transformation for Rampuri Village, Jabalar
LaosAnti-Human TraffickingVocational Training for Marginalized Girls in Laos
ThailandAnti-Human Trafficking
Children Education
Young Adult Education
Better Me, Health & Medical Outreach in Bangkok
Coffee Vocational Training
Mae Ra Moe Junior College
VietnamChilder Education
Building & Infrastructure
Secondary School Counselling
Phung Hiep Primary School Building