Cross-Sector Innovation: The Way We Work

At Sowers Exchange, we work hard to connect head knowledge with heart knowledge through our various programs with stakeholders ranging from top schools, to grassroots non-profit organisations to leading global corporations. We believe everyone has their part to play in making this world a better place.

For Hong Kong community to have a substantive impact on the pressing social issues in the Asia Pacific region, we believe that citizens must be engaged in philanthropy beyond financial donations through an active hands-on experiential process that transforms their perspectives on their connection with the world. Our service programs and training are designed to enable participants to experience the philanthropic process first-hand, so they can see, experience and interact with those that are in need.

Through a detailed vetting and due diligence process, we are currently working with an expansive network of social purpose organisations (‘SPOs’) throughout Asia, all of which we hope to pair with our corporate, school, and high net-worth individual clients. We have numerous active projects on our roster, focusing on diverse issues such as human trafficking, education, building and infrastructure, medicine, water and sanitation, and education.

Our key focus areas

We help our clients achieve their targets by bridging the gap between our 80+ small to medium-sized grassroots level SPO partners in 13 countries across the Asia Pacific region.

Through our work, we aim to achieve two objectives:

  1. Harness the financial resources and human capital available in Hong Kong to address pressing social issues in the Asia Pacific region, and
  2. Develop an active philanthropic culture in Hong Kong, which focuses on proactive hands-on involvement rather than passive financial contributions.

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